I remember…

Here are some of the performances and events that are proud
memories for Triad Storytelling Exchange.


Our January Story Slam at Scuppernong Books was a lot of fun for all.  All original stories told in the most delightful way!  The three top photos are our three Story Slam winners - Matt, Lee, and Nancy.  Please join us for our next Story Slam!



Fun at the Story Slam last December

At the left are the three winners of our Story Slam last December at Scuppernong Books.  Good stories, good people in a great place downtown.  Pictured are other story tellers that help make the day.  Thanks everyone.  The next Story Slam at Scuppernong is Friday, January 27th.  Come to listen, come to tell!  Hope to see you there!


Performers at a Story Slam 2014.  They are not just happy - they're ecstatic!

Triad Storytelling Exchange hosted the 2015 Heart of North Carolina Storytelling Festival, along with North Carolina Storytelling Guild, Greensboro Cultural Arts Center, City Arts, Greensboro Public Library, Greensboro Historical Museum, and local merchants.  It was a great event with great story tellers from far and near.

For one of our Thursday Night Meetings Papa Joel brings in his beautiful baby girl.  He tries to tell his story, and a good story it was, but that little girl just kept stealing the show.  No one complained.


Hey, We have a Forth of July Storytelling Festival!
happy 4th

This Forth of July Triad Storytelling Exchange is teaming up with Thousands O' Prints.  The Fun Fourth has been held in downtown Greensboro for almost 40 years. This year the Storytelliing venue has moved back to Elm Street at 233 South Elm St.,  which is the home of Thousands O’ Prints art & framing shop.

The Festival only runs from 2 PM to 6PM. We have some musicians coming in so there will interludes between storytelling and music.  The space is air conditioned and has a bathroom and water for the performers and volunteers.